What Is Imp Familiar?

Unchecked, I write long and tedious. I also have a million things I never get around to writing about. This blog attempts to solve both problems.

How? Imp familiars are my inspiration. In D&D these creatures are (or were; I don’t currently have a Monster Manual) tiny fiends, and I plan to write impishly—that is, tiny and fiendishly. Make every word count. That’s the theory, anyhow.

What am I going to write about? Nothing is out of bounds, but I’m definitely going to review tabletop RPGs. I have more games and supplements than I could ever play, and I want to get something out of them. During the pandemic I’ve been so unmotivated by the inability to play in person I haven’t even been reading them—despite continuing to buy and kickstart them. Imp Familiar will let me change that.

I may also post reviews of books—especially audio books, who can read during the pandemic?—and other things, essays on anything, rants (hopefully not too many of these), game ideas, short fiction, kickstarter pointers, and accountability updates. I’ll for sure need a tag cloud eventually.

The catch is that whatever I’m posting has to be short. In the interest of being tiny and fiendish, I’m setting word-count limits. Most posts should be 500 words or less. Bigger ideas should get broken into a series of posts, so that I keep posting. Get an idea down fast, cut it like a fiend, and post.

With that in mind, I’m going to cut this short—under 300 words!—and move on to something more fun.

Oh, one other thing: I’m on Twitter, too. Follow me there!


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