5 RPGs & Zines to Back on Kickstarter Right Now

I spend way too much on Kickstarter. Now you can, too! Here are 5 ongoing campaigns I’ve backed.


Solemn Vale™

What? A folk horror roleplaying game set in the 1970s within Solemn Vale, an isolated town in Southwest England by Mark Kelly at Dirty Vortex

When? 24 days to go

solemn veil

Why? I backed this for the fabulous art (the mocks of the book look amazing) as much as anything else, but any campaign that lists Witchfinder General, The Blood on Satan’s Claw, and The Wicker Man as mood-setters gets my vote—and my dollar). I backed the hardcover. It’s beautiful and so pink!

The RPG Printing Spree

What? Fund a print run of several tabletop RPG books by David Shirduan

When? 11 days to go

Why? I love that this project funds print runs for 2 already-existing 2 books and 2 zines, with more of each added at various funding levels. I backed at the one of each print & PDF level, and I’m getting Bone Marshes by David Schirduan and Barrow Keep: Den of Spies by Richard Ruane.

RPG Printing SpreeI also have my eye on Lowcountry Crawl #1, a Southern gothic RPG zine by John Gregory and Steven Bramlett in particular, especially after reading an interview with Shirduan and Gregory on Beyond the Weird but that’s only available at a much higher level funding, so please open your wallets for this one?

Barrowmaze: Dwarrowdeep (OSR and 5E)

Art in DwarrowdeepWhat? A fantastic new MEGADUNGEON for the OSR and 5E by Barrowmaze author Greg Gillespie

When? 13 days to go

Why? I’m sliding into OSR nostalgia (maybe played using Whitehack), and this 5th of a set of 6 connected ~300 page adventures with megadungeons mega-scratches that itch. Giant dungeons with classic maps and tons of illustrations? I only pledged a few $ here; I’ll figure out what I can afford a bit later—the upper limits are dizzyingly high, but wickedly tempting.

Crypt of the Devil Lich for DCC RPG and 5th Edition

Crypt of the Devil LichWhat? An ancient prophecy sends you into the crypt of the Devil Lich! The toughest dungeon crawl since Tomb of Horrors returns for 5E & DCC!

When? 7 days to go

Why? This giant old-school Tomb of Horrors-esque dungeon crawl has meaningful stretch goals that actually improve what you get, which I find tremendously attractive. Funded goals include a ton of extra new handouts, all now printed in a folio, and a book that’s slowly becoming a serious piece of luxury art. Plus, I just really dig DCC products. They do Kickstarters right.Roll

Roll & Play CoverRoll & Play: The Fantasy Character Kit – For GMs and Players

What? A book full of random tables to help you create unique NPCs and characters for all fantasy RPGs, including 5e!

When? 6 days to go

Why? This just seems cool. When I first left D&D for narrative stuff, I used to turn up my nose at tables, but Ironsworn and my slow return to OSR stuff have sold me on the coolness of random tables again. Vast amounts of character customization here, and the art is pretty without being twee.




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